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Gopeng Ultra Trail is an ultra marathon event, created to give different experience to ultra runners in Malaysia to enjoy run in one of the magnificent Lembah Kinta Geo Park destination which is at Gua Tempurung, Perak.

Right after the first event, GUT was invited to join the Malaysian Ultra League (MUL) Championship. Those who participate in our ultra categories will receive points according to their achievement, and this will be added to their total points in the league as they participate in other MUL-certified ultra marathon events.

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This is the ultimate trail run with heavily wooded valleys and tough paths, everything you could wish for whilst out running in the wild. The ultra was voted in the hardest ultra runs in Malaysia, but it is definitely worth it!

Set in the stunning Gua Tempurung  , this event must make your bucket list. This route includes the sharpest  hill climb in the country followed by the longest stretch of wooded coast line in the country. Starting out not far from the beautiful Gua Tempurung , follow by another three mountain, this is a challenging yet beautiful course.

This fantastic route, coupled with the stunning start/finish venue makes for one of the most exciting events of the series so far.




100KM (Ind/Duo)

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Route Setter

Creating an interesting route in not an easy job to be done. It takes a lot of energy, times and knowledge to meet the requirement of certain activities. Every individual that responsible to create a route will face a lot of challenges to achieve their greatest masterpiece. The Route Setter normally work in a small group of experienced people. Some of them prefer or comfortable to work alone.

To set a certain route, one must go through the journey to experience the route by themself. They need to feel the surround area, look with their own eyes and test the route at least one time. It’s not about enjoy the journey only, the Route Setter must record every single things that might be possible to help with their work.

There’s a lot of calculation to be done also. Calculating distance, elevation, nearest exit, terrain type and condition, hazards, transportation capability, and also carrying capacity on each involved area. The confirmation of each route to be develop or created must go through stages and possible to achieved by compiling all the information gathered and analized by other experts.

If this technical job is taken lightly, it might give a poor result that could lead to other consequence. Everybody can create a route, but not everybody can tell the whole story about the route created. At Gopeng Ultra, we hope by the end of the event you can share with us the journey of beyond ordinary that we create from our heart.

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Check Point Info

There are a number of checkpoints along the route. Each checkpoint will give you a split time and a chance to refuel. Checkpoints will contain water,  nuts, biscuits, and ready salted crisps. There are bananas at the finish area.


Checkpoint 1 – 5.5k
Checkpoint 2 – 11.5k
Checkpoint 3 – 14.k


Checkpoint 1 – 8.3k
Checkpoint 2 – 16k
Checkpoint 3 – 21.5k
Checkpoint 4 – 29k
Checkpoint 5 – 41k


Checkpoint 1 – 8.3k
Checkpoint 2 – 16k
Checkpoint 3 – 21.5k
Checkpoint 4 – 29k
Checkpoint 5 – 41k
Checkpoint 6 – 46k

What You Get?

  • GUT  finishers medal
  • GUT  T Shirt
  • Trophies for first three (Male and Female)
  • Energy refreshments at the checkpoints and finish line
  • Experienced medical cover – Medics (Mobile)
  • Friendly, personal assistants, advice and support
  • Fully Signed Course
  • Chip Timing

Advisory Kit List

  • Fully charged mobile phone – pre set numbers of EO and Race Directors
  • Water/wind proof jacket
  • Appropriate running attire and shoes
  • Water bottle / carrier
  • Foil blanket for distances up to and above 50KM
  • GPS unit
  • Compass
  • Sunscreen



  • Free Parking available at Gua Tempurung
  • Opening at 6am 
  • Secure parking
  • Use of showers and toilets.
  • 5 Minute walk to start line.

Number & Timing Chip

These are to be collected on the day at registration. 

Please make a note of your registration time for the distance you selected and make sure you arrive giving yourself enough time to register.

Please also make a note of your briefing time and ensure you attend the briefing. 

Both the number and the timing chip have to be worn at all times during the event.


We use a number of signs during our events. Arrow markers are on a white  board with a black arrow to mark the direction to be taken.

We also use striped tape, these are placed after any split to reassure you that you are on the correct trail. We also use them along long stretches where no turn off is required or directional arrows needed.

For some of our events we provide maps of the route at the start of the event. You must keep these maps on you at all times, as a back up to be referred to if needed.
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