Hi! To those who are still wondering what is "SIRKIT CABARAN GUNUNG NEGERI SEMBILAN". "SIRKIT CABARAN GUNUNG NEGERI SEMBILAN" is a mountain climbing race proposed by us to Negeri Sembilan Forest Department. This circuit will be held in several mountains which are a tourist attraction as well as mountaineering activities. The race is planned to provide positive opportunities and impacts to sports players climbing in the event of a safer event and take place in official events. Calling out all runners 🗣 All the important message for runner, further description on categories, race rules, race map, etc. Please take note on every updates. Thank you for your support and patience. Doní»t forget to register now at : Thank you and see you on 16 September 2018!

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Gopeng Ultra Trail

Fully Loaded 2018 Gopeng Ultra Trail

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